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I want to make the


I dream in

I shoot Real Life Fairytales. My brides don't always wear crowns and my grooms typically choose tuxes over shining armor...but that's where the "real life" part comes in...

and I want to tell them. The ones that don't end when the book closes...the real life ones... the ones like yours!


 are stories

SEPT 12th, 2016


My Prince



Our Story

At 17 years old, during my senior year of high school, I was swept away by Andrew. That cute boy on the football bleachers would eventually become a man with ambition, work ethic, passion, and a kind heart. He would also become my husband. 

On September 12th, 2016, at a magical castle in Ireland, we stood in front of 30 of our dearest loved ones and pledged our lives to each other. 

I believe in fairytales, because I am lucky enough to be living my own…

This began a new chapter in the love story we have been writing for the last decade. 

He is my rock, my safe place, my encourager. We have celebrated success and endured hardship. We inspire each other and push each other to dream bigger. Our adventure is only beginning. 
Having a love like this, inspires everything I do. I am passionate about capturing the magic of love, because I know what it feels like.