Wedding Styling Kit Must-Haves

The invitation. The rings. The shoes. The jewelry. All of these carefully selected pieces to the wedding day are some of my favorite things to photograph. I feel like these images really help set the style of the wedding images. I’m always looking for ways to improve my detail shots and one thing that has been a game-changer is putting together my own wedding styling kit.

Gone are the days of looking everywhere for a decent surface to shoot on and trying to find ways to style a detail shot with very little to work with. I am now always prepared with my own toolkit to create highly stylized and professional looking shots, on the fly! Like these…

I’d like to help out my fellow photographers and take some of the guesswork out of creating a styling kit. I’m excited to share my favorite tools and what I love about them.¬†And want to know the best part? NONE of my items are from the high-end retailers that are becoming so popular. All of my items are available from Amazon! Who doesn’t love Amazon?

Here is my full list of essentials that every wedding photographer can use to improve their detail styling game. And thanks to Amazon, you can build your kit on a budget!



The Tools


100mm Macro Lens– This lens is part of my styling kit because this is the only time that I use it. It’s a must-have for tack sharp ring shots and other tiny details.

Style Boards– I used this tutorial to make DIY styling boards for a fraction of the price of the ones sold online. I used these poster boards and fabrics from Hobby Lobby. I have 5 different colors.

Glue Dots– These are perfect for holding ribbons in place and keeping invitations from blowing in the breeze.

Command Hooks– Can’t find a place to hang up the wedding gown? Choose any place you want, with the help of a command hook!

Wood Hanger– A plain wood hanger is so helpful to have on hand for the times when the wedding gown is still on a plastic hanger.

Acrylic Blocks– These are relatively new to my kit and I am loving them so far! These can be used to create dimension in your flatlays by raising the invitation pieces off of the background. I found a few photography companies selling these for over $50 and I was so excited to find almost the exact same thing on Amazon for a third of the price!

Mini Clamps– These are great for pinching the back of the wedding gown to give it a little more shape during the “hanging up” shot. They are also handy for making sample gowns fit better during styled shoots.



The Style Enhancers


Trays– Perfect to add that wow-factor to a flat lay.

Fabric– I have a stash of a few neutral colors in chiffon and muslin fabrics. They can be used a bunch of different ways for a backdrop with some more texture.

Ribbons– I love these silk ribbons from Amazon! I have them in a few of the colors and they always make the best finishing touch to a styled flatlay.

Mini Scissors– These make a fun little accent and also double as a functional tool. I love having these on hand for trimming stems, threads, etc.

Ring Boxes– These Amazon ring boxes are only $20 and photograph every bit as good as the expensive ones!

Moss– If you photograph forest weddings or woodland-themed weddings, this is so handy! I have this sheet moss which has an adhesive back and I stuck it to a poster board so that I always have a solid moss backdrop. I also keep a bag of this loose moss to use as an accent.

Antique Keys– The perfect fairytale touch!

If you’d like to see everything I just listed and more, in one easily accessible idea list… you can access my collection, HERE! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I hope this has been helpful to you in building your styling kit and growing your flat lay photo skills!