Southern California Beach Engagement Photos | Malibu Couples Photographer | Julie and Jordan

Last month, I headed up to one of my favorite spots in Malibu to document the love of this sweet couple. You would think an outdoor December session would be a risky choice…but not when it’s a Southern California Beach engagement shoot ;) It turned out to be an absolutely AMAZING day, despite our fears…even better and warmer than some Summer days. And that is one thing that I do really love about living here.

Julie and Jordan are high school sweethearts. The grew up knowing one another, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the magic happened.  Jordan came to the school tennis matches with his friend…but it wasn’t long before he had another reason for coming.  After attending almost every one of Julie’s matches, the two shared their first date at the end of the season.  A few more dates and they became official.

Flash forward 3 years and Jordan got down on one knee, after a romantic picnic on the beach, to ask Julie to be his wife.

I can’t wait till October, to capture this madly-in-love, Christ-centered, super-adorable couple’s wedding! :)

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