Chariot Marie Vintage Bridal Lookbook – Fall 2014

There’s just something so effortlessly dreamy about vintage wedding gowns. The intricate details….the history….it’s like a little piece of frozen time. Chariot Marie is preparing to release a bunch of one-of-a-kind vintage bridal gowns over the next few months and this shoot is just a peek at a few of them. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new releases in the shop and on facebook.

This shoot would not have been complete without the work of a couple of other very talented vendors. Thank you to Gardens of Whimsy for the AMAZING headpieces and Brittany’s Beauty Magic for the stunning makeup. Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-01 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-02 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-03 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-04 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-05 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-06 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-07 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-08 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-09 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-10 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-11 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-12 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-13 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-14 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-15 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-16 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-17 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-18 Chariot-Marie-Lookbook-1-19