Where am I Getting Married….?

With it being a year and a half since our engagement, it’s not surprising that people are beginning to get curious about what is going on with our wedding plans. At the time we got engaged, we knew we would have a 2-year engagement. We needed time to plan things out. I already had a booked calendar for 2015 and waiting till the following year just felt right.
With that, I feel it’s time to let you all in on a bit more about our plans. The first thing being, where is the wedding happening? 
If you have been following me for awhile, it will come as no surprise that I will be getting married…..
in IRELAND!!!!!
at a CASTLE!!!!!
I’ve known this for quite some time now…but it still feels surreal to type that out!
The wedding will take place on September 12th, at a magical castle in Galway, Ireland. It will be a very small and intimate celebration and we are so excited! It’s less than 7 months away and things are slowly but surely coming together. We’ve got our venue, photographers, videographers, my dress, and our planner. We are still working on some of the other details and will be in Ireland next month, squaring away some of those things. Know an Irish vendor that I MUST check out? Send me their way! :)
After 6 years of photographing weddings, it feels absolutely crazy to be the bride myself. I am so excited about the new perspective I am gaining by being on this side of things. Wedding planning is hard work!
And so the countdown begins…. 209 days until I am married to my prince charming. I will continue to blog updates throughout this process. This will be my biggest project yet and I would love to share that journey with all of you!
For now, I leave you with our wedding logo, courtesy of Julie Story. As well as some photos of our castle.
Stay tuned! xo
Logo 2015-10-01_039 2015-10-01_040