Enchanted Ireland Couples Photos | Fairytale Castle Ruin Engagement | Julia & Kenny

What could be more magical than getting to photograph some fellow photographers at a dreamy castle ruin location in Ireland? I can’t think of anything either.

Kenny and Julia are a wonderfully talented photo and video team in Ireland, by the name of Wonderfulife Productions. Julia has been my second shooter for my weddings in Ireland and it was such an honor to get to have her in front of my camera!

Julia got all dolled up with makeup by C Beauty and hair by Bliss Bridal Styling. She also rocked a vintage Chariot Marie gown and whimsical floral crown by Love Sparkle Pretty. Combine all that, with her dapper gentleman, and an ancient ruin location….and you’ve got quite a dream shoot!

Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-01 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-02 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-03 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-04 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-05 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-06 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-07 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-08 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-09 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-10 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-11 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-12 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-13 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-14 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-15 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-16 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-17 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-18 Ireland-Castle-Ruin-Engagement-Photos-19