{For Brides} Interview with Aislinn Events, Destination Wedding Planner

I think there are a lot of questions surrounding destination weddings. A lot of brides dream of them….. fantasize about jetting off and saying their “I do’s” somewhere exotic. But what many couples don’t realize, is how realistic this fantasy can be. These types of weddings aren’t just for the filthy rich and famous, believe it or not! With great vendors and resources, like Aislinn Events, a destination wedding is more of a tangible possibility than ever before!

Annie Byrne of Aislinn Events, is a fabulous wedding planner in Dingle Ireland, helping brides all over the world plan their dream weddings in Ireland. If you’ve dreamt of tying the knot at a stunning historic castle in Ireland, Annie is your woman! During my travels, I thought of 5 questions for her to answer that might clear up some of the mystery about destination weddings. Here’s what she had to say!


How can a couple know if a destination wedding is right for them?

If a couple is up for fun and a little bit {or a lot!} of adventure then a destination wedding is for them. On the other hand, if a couple really want a traditional wedding with all of their extended family and 200 of their closest friends to attend, a destination wedding probably isn’t for them.


What are the first few steps a couple should make towards planning their destination wedding?

Pretty much the same as any couple. Think about season, dates and what locations are best during that time of the year. Also know your vision! Plan ahead as much as you can and have someone you trust, really trust, at your destination to help. You will be much more dependent on others and require advice from someone with knowledge of the area you are looking in.


How can a bride make her destination wedding less stressful?

Take things one step at a time and be prepared to be flexible! Traditions, wedding styles and ways of doing business at your wedding location may be very different than at home as could their pace of work so once you have chosen your location accept and embrace the traditions and pace of life there.


What are some ways a destination bride can do to help meet her budget? 

To make sure you really stay within your budget, plan well and do your research. Ask that trusted person in the area what prices are really like where you are having your wedding and keep a contingency aside for anything that may come up like a fluctuation in exchange rates. – also watch your excess luggage!


Are there any common myths about destination weddings or something that is misunderstood about them?

Contrary to popular belief, destination weddings can easily cost less than a wedding at home. Mainly because you won’t have the large number of guests that you may have to have in your home town and also because they can be less formal. Every bride I have says her priorities are for everyone to have a good time or a great party. A destination wedding is more about the whole experience with the people there with you on your wedding day than how much money you spend.


If you are ready to take the first step towards learning about the realities of a destination wedding in Ireland, contact Annie, HERE.

Below, is a photo of the stunning Adare Manor in Co. Limerick, Ireland. Just one, of the thousands of options you have when you open up the possibility of a destination wedding!