2013 Recap!

I couldn’t welcome the new year without a proper farewell to 2013! Yet another fabulous and adventure-filled year that I am tremendously thankful for.

This year was BUSY. I was able to learn so much about the workload I can handle, the efficiency of my systems, and just make all around major growth. I feel blessed to be able to look back and realize how busy I stayed, running a business that I LOVE. Fingers crossed that 2014 will be just as fruitful! :)

I am thankful for 2013. For it’s weddings, projects, late nights, new friends. busy seasons, shoots, clients and awesome opportunities. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. Even though tomorrow is “just another day” I can’t help but get so excited that its step #1 of another year. Life is exciting! :)

Here are my 2013 highlights:

-I had my busiest year of weddings, with many local weddings as well as weddings in Central California, Utah, Maui, and Boston.

-I attended WPPI for my 3rd time.

-I attended Showit United

-I did my first “Branding is Key” workshop and built friendships with the awesome girls who attended!

-I got serious about my Etsy vintage shop, Chariot Marie

-Speaking of vintage….Brittanee Taylor and I started a joint Instagram account to document our thrifting adventures. It’s called @OnceUponaThrift

-I completed Chapter 5 of The Fantasy Series.

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