Disney-Inspired Elopement | Fairytale Stylized Elopement in the Woods | Sylvia & Brian

Since I began developing my brand, stylized shoots have played a huge part in my business. It all started with The Fantasy Series, which was a 5-part styled shoot series that I used to carve out my fairytale niche. I did these shoots to get portfolio images, get featured, and express my creativity. However, part of me always dreamed of how cool it would be to actually book work like that. Would it be possible to book real styled shoots? For real clients?

I’ve sat on this idea for a few years now. It’s written on all of my dreams/goals list. Part of my bucketlist. Tucked away on my distant to-do lists. It’s an idea that I had set no plans to. A goal that I hadn’t put a deadline on. That was until I got an email from Sylvia, an out-of-state bride who was about to make this idea come to life a lot sooner. She was a Disney-loving fairytale fanatic who had come across my work and wanted to get married in one of my styled shoots.

So the planning began. Sylvia communicated her vision to me and I sourced the suppliers to bring it to life, so that all she would need to do is show up and get married! :)

Just like that, a new chapter of my brand has been born. Over-the-top, stylized fairytale elopements. I will not officially launch this service and it’s packages until next year, but I am so excited for it!!! For now, check out my very first one! <3
Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-01 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-02 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-05
Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-04 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-03
Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-06 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-07 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-08 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-09 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-10 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-11 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-12 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-13 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-14 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-15 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-16 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-17 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-18 Disney-inspired-fairytale-wedding-elopement-19



Florals & Styling – Brier Rose Design

Vintage chairs & rentals- Etablir

Hair and Makeup – Brittany Heim

Officiant- Chad Hobart