Farewell to 2016

It is so bittersweet to say goodbye to 2016. It is the year I have awaited my entire life and a year that will always be remembered.
2016 was the most important year in my personal life thus far, because I finally got my own fairytale wedding!
Along with the personal landmarks, 2016 was also filled with amazing sessions and some incredible weddings. It brought me some pretty epic clients!
However, due to the personal commitments in 2016, I pushed back a lot of personal aspects of my business. I took my foot off the gas on blogging, missed some networking opportunities, and I put off a lot of my own projects that I wanted to do. Between serving my clients and soaking in the magical moments of my own wedding planning, there was not time for any extra. And that’s okay! I knew that this would be temporary and just a brief season. I am ready for a comeback of major proportions in 2017 and have some huge projects up my sleeve!
In the meantime, I’d like to take this time to pause and soak up the highlights of 2016:
-I married my highschool sweetheart at a magical castle in Ireland!!!!! (Lot’s of blog posts to come with photos, tips, and my experience on the other side!)
-I traveled to Ireland (2x!), Paris, Barcelona, Mexico, Key West and Big Sur.
-I had the opportunity to plan and shoot my first (and hopefully not last) stylized elopement.

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Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from throughout the year. I love my job!!!!


2016 was the year that I spent the most time IN FRONT of the camera! Between our engagement, wedding, and a couple of post-wedding sessions, Andrew and I had some amazing opportunities to be photographed by some of the best in the industry!

First, was our dreamy engagement session with Christine Sara

Next was our wedding, followed by an epic session at the Cliffs of Moher. Both photographed by Iris + Light.

And last, was a sunrise film session by Abby Grace, during our honeymoon in Paris.

2017…..I am ready for ya!!! BRING IT ON <3