A Little News….We’re Expecting!

It’s crazy to me how one day you’re 15 years old and dreaming of the day when you’ll have a family of your own. Then suddenly…. that day is here! It is with incredible joy and excitement with which I announce, Andrew and I have a baby on the way! Our little one is expected to join our fairytale on September 1st, 2018 and we could not be more thrilled.

As you may already know, Andrew and I are high school sweethearts and we tied the knot in 2016 at a castle in Ireland. We always knew that one day we wanted to start a family and we often talked of our “future children”. However, we just weren’t quite sure when we were ready for that new role as parents. Andrew owns a solar/electrical/fiberoptic company which makes us a fully self-employed household. Ultimately, this means that we have pretty busy lives and work crazy hours on top of all the traveling that we do. We didn’t know how we would fit a child into that balancing act even though our hearts longed for a little baby of our own.

But what we’ve learned so far is that the timing will never be perfect. Great things come from just taking the leap and figuring it out after! The one thing that we were once unsure how to fit into our lives is now the most exciting thing about our lives! We don’t know exactly what our life will be like with a son or daughter but we know that it will be an amazing adventure. We welcome this new chapter with open arms and the most joyful hearts.

This weekend we are having our gender reveal and we are so excited to find out who this person is that will join us in September. Stay tuned to find out if we are expecting a little boy or girl!

Fairytale pregnancy announcement with crowns

Fairytale pregnancy announcement with crown