3 Must-Haves For Photographing a Wedding in the Rain

“What happens if it rains on my wedding day?”

“Do you have a rain plan?”

“Will my photos still turn out good if it’s a rainy day?”

These are all questions that you might get asked by a client, particularly those getting married in the winter months. Being asked these things might even have you questioning if you are truly prepared for these weather conditions. How can you protect your gear? How can you keep the couple dry, while still photographing them in natural light?

In nearly a decade of shooting weddings, I’ve had my share of rainy days. I’ve discovered it’s best to ALWAYS be ready for rain at any given time, even when you least expect it! Because of this, I have invested in a few key tools that are always with me, rain or shine. These things stay in my trunk or gear bag and I am always ready to handle a stormy wedding day.

If you’re currently shooting weddings, I encourage you to stop what you’re doing and purchase these items today… even if the weather is great right now. It’s never too soon to be prepared and you will be so glad to have them when you need them.

P.S. How precious is this little flower girl who took it upon herself to cover me with her umbrella while I was shooting? Sweetest thing ever!!!

Preparing to photograph a wedding in the rain


A ShootsacThis is one of my ultimate must-have products for every day. Period. I have been using one of these since I first started shooting and I could go on and on about how it helps me do my best work. But we shall save that for another discussion! There are a few reasons that the Shootsac is EXTRA awesome on rainy days. The first reason is that it’s made of neoprene which means that it’s waterproof! The second reason is a hack that I’ve discovered with the Shootsac. When detached, the cover flap makes the perfect little protective cover for the client to sit on and not get her dirty. Even if you want the client to sit on a bench or swing that is a bit wet, this little trick still works because the cover is waterproof. BOOM!

A Storm JacketEven though most of my equipment is weather-sealed, I still have never felt good about just letting the rain beat down on it. I bought a Storm Jacket on a whim, over 7 years ago. It stays attached to my Shootsac and I don’t even think about it… until the moment that I need it! Then I am so thankful!  I refer to this little tool as my “glorified trash bag”. It’s not cute, but it gives me that extra peace of mind in knowing that my equipment is staying dry while I am working in the rain.

Pretty umbrellasWant to be the MVP? Try showing up to a wedding that unexpectedly gets rained-out and letting your distressed client know that you’ve come prepared with a beautiful umbrella that will look nice in photos! This is such a simple gesture but it can make all of the difference in the photos. I have been using this umbrella for years and always keep it in my trunk. Recently, I took it to the next level and ordered 6 more so that now I can even use them for wedding party photos. That may seem extreme but I know that this investment of less than $100 is going to mean so much to the client when we do end up needing them.

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I’m wishing you nothing but perfect weather for all of your future weddings. BUT…. in the event that you do come upon some rain, I hope these tools help you to conquer the day and stay dry!

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